bath and kitchen fixture repair dallas plumber

H & M Plumbing and Drain offers full service repair and replacement of all kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Performed by our trained Service Technicians. We are can fix anything from a leaky faucet to a water heater.

flood and water damage services H & M Plumbing Dallas

We offer to locate and repair any water leak located in the wall, ceiling, or floor of any residential and commercial building. H&M Plumbing repairs and fixes many water leaks including but not limited to:  Toilets Faucets Bathtubs  Channel drains Kitchen sinks Shower spouts Damaged pipes Basements Pipes Leaking Water heater Broken water lines Leaking…

gas leak repairs H & M Plumbing Dallas-Ft Worth

We provide gas line repair for residential and commercial buildings of any size. The inherent dangers associated with gas makes it imperative that gas works properly through installation, refitting and all other aspects done by a certified plumbers, like ours at H & M Plumbing and Drain. 

sewer and drain services dallas-fort worth plumber

H & M Plumbing offers full service main line cleaning, unclogging and A/C stoppages, utilizing the best equipment to insure that we get the job done right. When a problem arises that requires more than just a quick cleaning, we have the ability to repair or replace sewer lines in the yard. 

H & M Plumbing and Drain Dallas sewer line repair

H & M Plumbing and Drain can replace your old broken, root-infested sewer pipes. We clean and clear and clogged sewer lines. We service for any home where a leak is located under the slab, in the yard, pier and beam properties. If needed, we can replace your your old sewer line pipes, drain lines, and water…

slab leak testing dallas plumber

Testing your sewer and portable water system. Performing a camera inspection, pressure test, hydrostatic test, isolation test. We do plumbing inspection for new home buyers, sellers, or after any foundation work that has been recently performed.