Gas Leak Repairs

We provide gas line repair for residential and commercial buildings of any size. The inherent dangers associated with gas make it imperative that gas works properly through installation, refitting, and all other aspects done by certified plumbers, like our plumbers at H&M Plumbing and Drain. 

Signs and smell of a natural gas leak

The smell of rotten eggs is the first indicator that you have a gas leak. Listen for hissing sounds near gas appliances or gas lines. Look for grass on the lawn outside your house that may be discolored,  as this may be a sign of a gas leak. 

Steps to follow
  • Do not use any electrical or handheld devices including phones.
  • Open windows and get everyone out of the house right away.
  • Call your gas company from a safe distance away such as a neighbors house. 
  • Turn off the outside gas valve if you’re able to.
  • If you or the neighbors can smell gas from the street, call 911.

Only a qualified professional is legally able to turn back on your gas. DO NOT turn the gas back on yourself. 

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They did an outstanding job! All at a fair price! It hard to find a good plumber, H&M is the best! 



Frank L. in Dallas, TX


Had a seriously clogged bathtub drain, and contacted them in the morning, and 2 hours later they were here. Great customer support, did a good job getting the drain cleaned, and feel confident our plumbing issues are permanently solved, Would definitely recommend. In case of a plumbing emergency, you should have a professional backup. I trust these guys 100% and will recommend to everyone!


Bob U. in The Colony, TX


We had a problem created by painters who washed plaster down our drain, it dried, and then stopped it up.  The first plumber started the job and found the plaster, then ghosted us.  H&M came out as promised, gave the worst case scenario estimate (which was lower than the lowest of the first plumber), got the utilities out to mark the lines, dug a 4ft trench, finished the job, and the total was less than the estimate.  They did the whole thing in ONE day!  Many thanks to you, Romauldo, and your helper for fixing our 2 weeks long plumbing nightmare!!


Julie T. in Flower Mound, TX

Guys did a great job very prompt efficient and courteous told us every step of job.


Tina U. in Lewisville, TX