Frozen Pipe

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

What to do when your pipes freeze. Frigid winter temperatures and loss of electricity in Texas home means high risk for frozen pipes.  H&M Plumbing and Drain has steps you can take for signs of frozen pipes.  If you have water flow If water from a faucet is slow, this may a sign of a…

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Hot water handle

Water Heater Issues

What to do when your water heater doesn't heat water. Electric Heaters Electric hot water heaters operate from lower and upper heating elements to produce hot water. All electric water heaters come with a limited warranty like this one pictured here with a number to call for troubleshooting and questions. WARNING: Electric water…

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zero contact service call H & M Plumbing and Drain dallas fort worth


H&M Plumbing and Drain wants to assure homeowners and business customers that we are taking precautions and necessary steps to support our employees and customers health and safety.

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